Earthtone Foods Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides – 907 g


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Earthtone Foods Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides powder is collagen hydrolysate made from 100% pure non-GMO pasture-raised bovine hides for an all-natural, sustainable, paleo-friendly health boost.

Earthtone Collagen Powder restores your body’s waning collagen for smooth skin, revitalized hair, healthy tendons, cartilage and joints, a healthy gut and muscle nourishment, Hydrolyzed collagen types I and III, which make up 90% of the body’s collagen, plus all the amino acids you need to rebuild your body’s collagen.

Hydrolysate Collagen Peptides
Types I and III
Hair, Skin & Nails
Health Joints & Bones
Supports Gut Health
Soluble in Cold Water
Grass-Fed Protein

Made in USA
By Earthtone Foods

Size: 907 g
Servings: 75 serving
Amount per serving: 12 g

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