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GAT Testrol Fire is an innovative two-part, comprehensive male-enhancing thermogenic formula aim to support testosterone production. Designed to support fat loss and sexual function.
It can restore youthful vitality while improving muscle growth, strength, stamina, energy and performance. Its potent, precisely calibrated thermogenic blend helps burn unwanted body fat scientifically, via multiple body pathways.

Testrol Fire takes the guesswork out for those looking to rid their bodies of stubborn body fat while also gaining back a youthful sexual vigor with optimal free and total testosterone production.

Burn an Extra 97 Calories Per Day
Build Lean Muscle & Lean Mass.
Supports Testosterone Levels and Performance.
Increase Energy, Strength, and Vitality.
Supports Libido and Sexual Function
Attack Fat Loss.
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Enhanced Metabolic Rate
CaloriBurn gp
Dietary Supplement

Made in USA

Size: 60 Capsules
Servings : 30 Servings

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