REDCON1 Total War Pre Workout – Green Apple

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REDCON1 Total War pre workout delivers rapid, fast-acting power & focus for a transformative workout you didn’t think was possible, With high amount of citrulline malate, amino acids and beta alanine.

Our professional grade formula – 6g of l citrulline malate + 45mg of green tea extract + 150mg of juniper helps boost nitric oxide levels to deliver nutrients and help increase blood flow. Our ‘pump’ effect keto pre workout is formulated with premium ingredients backed by science and made for athletic people of all skillsets.

All-In-One Workout Supplements
Unstoppable Power
Maximum Pumps
30 Servings
6 g of Citrulline Malate
3.2 g of Beta Alanine
0 Grams of Added Sugar
Keto Friendly
Noise Worthy Flavors
Naturally and Artificially Flavored

Made in USA
By Redcon1

Size: 441 g
Servings: 30 Servings
Flavor: Green Apple

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