SMNutrition DIM For Men – 300 mg


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SMNutrition DIM For Men support men’s best hormone health. A powerful 300MG of DIM in every serving helps support the body’s breakdown and detox of excess estrogen.
This, paired with Calcium D-Glucarate, provides support for men’s energy levels and fitness goals, along with supporting liver and prostate health.
Lastly, our formula provides powerful antioxidants from broccoli sprouts to support cellular health and make this supplement a truly essential addition to every man’s daily wellness routine.

300 mg Diindolylmethane
With CDG + Broccoli Support + BioPerine®
Dietary Supplement
Estrogen Metabolism
Fitness + Strength
Lean Body Mass
Gluten Free
Formulated Non-GMO
Third-Party Tested

Made in USA
By SMNutrition

Size: 60 Capsules
Servings: 60 Servings

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