Customer Loyalty Program

Considering our customers as our most valuable assist, we present our Customer Loyalty Program which provides many privileges for our customer.
Now you can use from this program and ask for your Loyalty Card and get its privileges and benefits.

Our loyalty card privileges:

– You will get special discounts on every order

– You will get discount on courier fees

– You will be able to make a backorder

– You will be able to make a reservation for any item

– You will be able to ask for buying you specific products from USA without the pay on advance fees.

How do I get my loyalty card ?

– Must have at least 5 orders with total spent of at least 5000 LE, Or 2 orders with total 7000 LE.

– Like and follow our Facebook page

– Share our Facebook page or Website or any of our products on your personal Facebook profile.

– As you have at least one order every 2 months your card will be active.

Kindly contact us and ask for your loyalty card if you meet the conditions above, You don’t know what you are missing!