Natural Factors Vitamin D3 & K2


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Natural Factors’ D3 & K2 provides even more support for your bone and heart health than D3 alone, We provides K2 MK-7 which is the best form for K2.
Combining vitamins D and K may provide even better support than the individual nutrients for the bone and vascular health. Contains the bioactive and highly bioavailable D3 and MK-7 forms.

Supports strong bones and teeth, helps regulate the immune system and encourages healthy nerve and muscle function.
Take just 1 softgel once a day; We only use highly bioavailable forms of D3 and K2 that are easy for your body to absorb,
Helps you absorb more calcium and phosphorus from your food for even more bone support.

25 mcg (1000 IU) D3
120 mcg K2 as MK-7
Supports Healthy Bones
Supports Vascular Health
Third-party certified

Made in USA
By Natural Factors

Size: 60 Softgels
Servings: 60 Servings

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