NaturesPlus Kalmassure Magnesium Powder – Refreshing Orange


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NaturesPlus KalmAssure Magnesium Powder delivers the highest quality magnesium available to ensure that maximum-strength nerve- and muscle- calming nutrients speedily transport you to a state of healthful relaxation.

Every serving delivers 420 mg of natural, calming, essential magnesium in highly bioavailable citrate form. Magnesium is the most effective mineral at opening ion channels in nerve and muscle cell membranes, a vital process in healthy relaxation.

Sugar Free
Dietary Supplement
Restores Healthy Magnesium Levels
Supports Nerve & Muscle Relaxation
Highest Quality Magnesium Available
For Daytime or Nighttime Use

Made in USA
By Natural Factors

Size: 522 g
Servings: 60 Servings
Amount per serving: 420 mg
Flavor: Orange

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