Zhou Collagen Peptides Hydrolyzed Grass Fed Collagen – Unflavored

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Zhou Collagen Peptides is Hydrolyzed Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, Hormone-Free, Non-GMO Collagen Powder. Supports healthy hair, skin, nails, bones and joint.
Hydrolyzed collagen produces smaller protein molecules called peptides, which may be much easier for the body to absorb and utilize. Collagen peptides may also help to support gut health by soothing your digestive tract.

Grass Fed – Pasture Raised
Dietary Supplement
Pure and Primal
Greatness by Nature™
The Optimal Collagen
Bone Health
Skin Cell Health
Hair & Nail Strength
Joint Mobility
Essential Amino Acid Source
Healthy Gut Support
Grass Fed & Pasture Raised
Type I + III Collagen
11 g Per Serving
Gluten Free
Lab Verified
Hormone Free

Made in USA
By Zhou Nutrition

Size: 510 g
Servings: 46 Servings
Serving Size: 11 g

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