Purely Inspired Matcha Green Tea+


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New Purely Inspired 100% Pure Match Green Tea+ is subject to quality controls. Get the results you want! Get new Purely Inspired 100% Pure Matcha Green Tea+ today!
Matcha green tea is a premium green tea in which only the youngest top leaves are used. Their stems and veins are removed and slowly stone-ground into an ultra-fined powder. The results is a highly purified green tea, meaning it is pure, clean and additive free.

With added antioxidant vitamin C inside every gluten-free, easy to swallow veggie tablet, Purely Inspired 100% Pure Matcha Green Tea+ provides a good source of the in-demand antioxidant vitamin C,
And with 200 mg of green coffee bean extract per serving to support weight loss results with diet and exercise.

100% Pure Matcha Green Tea+ supplies 1,600 mg of green tea daily, which is five times more than the competitors daily dose of 300 mg.

100% Pure
Lose Weight with Green Coffee
60 Tabs + 40 Free!
From The Makers of America’s #1 Selling Weight Loss Supplement Brand (MuscleTech)
Weight Loss Scientifically Researched Key Ingredients
Plus Antioxidants

Made in USA
By Purely Inspired

Size: 100 capsules
Servings: 33 servings

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