Sports Research MCT C8 Oil – Unflavored

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Sports Research MCT C8 is quickly digested, absorbed and converted into ketone bodies more efficiently than traditional MCTs or coconut oils.
It’s a keto-supportive, medium chain fatty acid extracted exclusively from sustainably sourced coconuts, gives energy to body and brain.

SR MCT Oil is made exclusively from Coconut Oil (zero palm) and contains the full-spectrum of MCTs; including lauric acid, a healthy fatty acid also found in mother’s milk.

Caprylic Acid MCT Oil
100% MCT C8 Oil
Medium Chain Triglycerides
Brain + Body Fuel
Keto Friendly
100% Non-GMO Coconuts
Blends with Coffee & Shakes
Dairy & Gluten Free
Dietary Supplement
BPA Free

Made in USA
By Sports Research

Size: 473 ml
Servings: 32 servings

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