Swanson 100% Pure MCT Oil – 946 ml


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Swanson 100% Pure MCT Oil is derived from natural coconut oil. It’s great by itself or you can add it to foods for an energizing nutritional boost.
MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil is now gaining recognition as a valuable brain nutrient because it fuels the production of ketone bodies that support healthy central nervous system function.

Medium Chain Triglycerides
Brain, Energy and Metabolism Health
14 g Per Serving
C8 + C10
No C12
From Natural Coconut Oil
Dietary Supplement
Supports Healthy Brain Function and Cognitive Health
Source of Ketone-Producing Medium-Chain Triglycerides
Calorie-Rich, Quick Source of Energy to Support an Active Lifestyle
Science-Backed Quality Since 1969

Made in USA
By Swanson

Size: 946 ml
Servings: 62 servings
Amount Per Serving: 14 g

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