Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Powder – Orange Mango


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Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts is a metabolic powerhouse in powder form. Each precisely formulated dose can help you to tear away unwanted adipose in the mass-gaining off-season, to help reveal the hard, grainy muscle underneath.
Be a freak and see the freaky physique that you’ve worked so hard to build with the extreme, all-in-one cutting powder, the one that goes above and beyond in the quest to get shredded.

Ripped & peeled. That’s what Animal Cuts is all about… The desire to push past the limits in extreme conditioning. When you want to get shredded, a plain old fat burner just won’t do. Animal Cuts ain’t a fat burner. It isn’t a lipolytic. It’s not merely a diuretic or a metabolic. It’s all of these wrapped up into one.

Powder Form Fat Burner
The Complete Cutting Stack
Water Shedding
Cortisol Inhibitors
CCK Boosters

Made in USA
By Universal Nutrition

Size: 265 g
Servings: 42 Servings
Flavor: Orange Mango

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